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Hello everyone! We apologise for the silence over the last couple of weeks! We have been working through some technical issues, and have come to the conclusion that moving platform is the best course of action. Therefore, you can now find GreenZine at this URL!. We will keep this website up, but from now on articles will be uploaded to the new website. Thanks and we hope to see you there!

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FoodCycle, a Scrumptious Win-Win!, by Tejas & Elaine

Free Food! From Bins... by Mya Goschalk


Climate Change: The Urban Experience, by Daisy Haywood


Making a Splash: Fin Free Cambridge, by Tim May

Nature In Cambridge, by Jocelyne Sze

A New Edible Garden for Cambridge, by Siena Carver

The Humanitarian Centre launches a year-long focus on food security, by Anne Radl

Getting involved with the University's Environmental Office (including work experience)

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