New Edible Garden for Cambridge at Murray Edwards!

by Siena Carver

This year, 'Edible Garden', an initiative to provide a space for the green-fingered in Cambridge to come together in an earthy paradise and grow vegetables and herbs throughout the year is in its opening stages.


Inspired by Oxford's 'Oxgrow' project, the aim is to allow members of the local community, students and university staff to grow vegetables and herbs creatively in a shared space. A suitable plot was found in Murray Edwards college gardens, along with a disused garage in the garden to store tools, seeds and other essentials.


The project is in its early stages, with an initial brainstorming meeting on Friday January 18th to plan the garden's aims, and how to get the project 'off the ground', so to speak!


Social events and music will feature on the Edible Garden calendar, with plans for a launch event in the next few weeks. Vegetable cooking and picnics in the summer along with regular hands-on sessions in the garden are also planned. Thanks to sponsorship from the Cambridge Hub (with funding from 02) and Growing Spaces (part of Transition Cambridge), as well as with support from Murray Edwards and the University's Environmental Office, the project has been planted and should grow into something special in the next few years so watch this space!