Energising Cambridge: the green way! Calling for stronger climate change action at the University

Hello all you keen, green readers of this new eco publication! We are Energise Cambridge, one of many environment groups serving to improve our university’s green credentials and we have what are essentially two broad objectives. We aim to engage all Cambridge students with the issues associated with climate change but in creative, new and exciting ways rather than focusing on the usual doom and gloom stories we hear too often in the news.

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Our second aim is to bridge the void between students and staff at the University, to give all our brilliant ideas one clear voice and ensure that these ideas become actions. We are running a campaign to convince the University to commit to and achieve strong and ambitious carbon reductions. This involves developing sensible, science-based policy recommendations for the University and meeting and collaborating with key senior decision makers, academics and staff members involved in environmental management at the University. The University is listening to us and is slowly making progress. However, with constant pressure and clear messaging from students, we hope our campaign will make a significant impact in reducing the University's carbon footprint.


We all know the very real dangers associated with unrestrained climate change and we have a handle on how to dissipate the threat. Nobody wants to see any of Cambridge go under water, not even St John's, and so we all need to reduce our carbon emissions now. The science is evident: delaying action will have catastrophic global and local ecological, social and economic effects.

What can you do in the meantime? Well, several things! Keep reading GreenZine, associate yourself with Energise Cambridge on Facebook, Twitter, our website to hear about climate change events around Cambridge. Also, get involved with our campaign by attending our meetings on Thursdays 7:30pm at Robinson College during term time. For more details email

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