Moving to a Sustainable Life Style

by Sue Woodsford

Live in Cambridge? Worried about what will happen when the price of oil goes up and up? Want to make your way of life less reliant on oil?

Make the transition!

Transition Cambridge (TC) aims to help Cambridge make the transition to ways of life that are less reliant on oil and other fossil fuels, and are more resilient in the face of rising oil prices and a changing climate. It offers people the chance to join like-minded people in preparing us for a future where resources like oil will be rarer and more expensive. You could take action in a range of possibilities:-

transition cambridge

Garden share- matchmaking those with gardens who can't use them to those without a garden who want to grow things so more food is grown locally
Cambake - setting up a community bakery (and café) with locally sourced ingredients to bake bread made by and for local people.
Grow your own - getting together to learn (and teach) how to grow your own veg.
CropShare- a Community Supported Agriculture scheme, helping a local organic farmer by planting and weeding his crop, learning about farming then sharing the produce at harvest time.
Growing Spaces- making use of small pieces of unused land (from container size to garden size) to grow food plants (fruit bushes, trees, herbs, veg) turning neglected public spaces into productive gardens.
Grow Zones- groups of people getting together to help each other in their gardens or allotments
Creating a Community Garden- like the one in the local community at Romsey where people are creating their own communal garden, with vegetables, flowers, nature reserve and recreation area.

Bewildered by the choices on offer? That is just the TC Food Group! There is also the Energy Group which runs regular forums to provide information on renewable energy and making your home more energy efficient, the Permaculture Group who organise courses, trips and social events to learn about and share their practice of permaculture and a new Greeniversity which will soon be organising skill shares all around Cambridge.

transition cambridge
Wind turbine making workshop

Other Transition Groups include Transport, encouraging debate on local transport solutions and contributing to Council consultations, Education, preparing materials for use in schools and workshops, Health considering how healthcare will need to transition and Well-being offering events, discussion groups, walks and retreats.

Transition Cambridge produces a regular Bulletin online and puts on stalls at local events such as Strawberry Fair, the Town and Country Show and Mill Road Winter Fair. To find out more, come along to the fortnightly café evenings in CB1 café on a range of topics.

Or contact and visit the web-site